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Tigase Custom Tests
Example Jaxmpp Test
Tigase XMPP Server Features Tests
Check WorkGroup component
Tigase XMPP Server Tests
Retrieve server version
Retrieve server statistics 1
SASL authentication
Brute Force Prevention
Password change
VCard: VCard4 support - #2407, #2410
VCard: VCard4 and VCard-Temp integration - #3282
VCard: Setting VCard-temp with empty photo - #6293
MotD: Message of the Day
Welcome: Welcome message
User credentials manipulation
Offline Messages: Setting offline messages limit to 3 - #2944
Offline Messages: Sink Provider - #2947
Offline Messages: Testing message delivery reliability related to stream resumption and resource conflict - #4262
Offline Messages: Testing message delivery reliability related to stream resumption and sending message to offline contact - #4298
XEP-0357: Push Notifications
XEP-0357: Push Notifications - Groupchat
XEP-0398: User Avatar to vCard-Based Avatars Conversion
XEP-0411: Bookmarks Conversion
C2S: TLS - Client Cert: Two-way TLS - #2939
WebSocket: Test WebSocket connectivity - #3305
Tigase XMPP server monitoring - #2951
Admin ad-hoc tests
Presence tests
Privacy list
Service Discovery Extensions
Tigase External Component and Manager
External Component - testing external component settings and connectivity
External Component Manager - testing configuration of external components
Tigase MUC Component Tests
Test MAM support - #4732
Test limit of users per room - #3179
Test handling of timestamps - #7443
Modify list of the occupants to include room members - #8660
Test MUC VCard support
Tigase HTTP API Component
UI: Web Admin UI - #2955
REST: REST API for Setting/Updating Privacy Rules - #2928
REST: Sending XMPP messages using HTTP REST API - #2936
REST: Test support for retrieval of XEP-0084: User Avatar using REST API call - #3258
REST: Test user status change via REST API call - #8226
Password reset over email
Upload: Test support for XEP-0363: HTTP File Upload
JaXMPP Tests
Testing reconnections - #4266
Testing state of JaXMPP instance after issues with connection or authentication timeout - #4378
Tigase PubSub Component Tests
Node and item manipulation using PubSub procotol - #4229
PEP support
Removal of PEP nodes on user removal - #3544
MAM: Support for XEP-0313 for PubSub - #4733
REST: Node and item manipulation using REST API - XML - #4229, #4728
REST: Node and item manipulation using REST API - JSON - #4728
REST: Item publication on PubSub node with message expiration using REST API - #2959
Testing propagation of changes to node configuration to other cluster nodes - #3993
Discovery of nodes with RSM
Tigase Message Archiving Component
XEP-0313 - Message Archive Management
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - basic tests
XEP-0136 - Message Archive - extended tests
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - RSM
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - Tags and Contains
XEP-0136 - Message Archiving - MUC